Amidst the blistering winter of Switzerland, an innovative mind spent countless hours transforming his vision into a reality. Combining his adoration for Swiss values with his hometown’s hospitality standards, Swiss Hospitality Company was finally born in 2014.

In 2016, the company had already laid its foundation. The company grew as it added more members to its bright team. The implemented blueprint included a hierarchal setup, defining corporate structure, and establishment of business divisions. While the company was ensuring its acceptance by the market, the founder did not fail in recognizing the need to fry bigger fish.

In the second quarter of 2017, the company underwent a fresh new wave of rebranding and growth to breath light into its vision of revolutionizing the hospitality and tourism industries in KSA by 2030. In no time, the business divisions experienced an exponential growth.

Today, Swiss Hospitality Company has spread its wings across the kingdom to encompass various facets of the hospitality industry, and outreached to include the entire GCC. This is just the beginning for Swiss Hospitality Company, the future has no limits.

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To adapt and maintain the core values of Swiss hospitality standards, while focusing on innovative creativity and an unbeatable passion that blends the contemporary and classic mindsets.


To simultaneously revolutionize the standard of the hospitality industry with practices that are second-to-none, and partner with the country’s 2030 vision.


We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services and solutions that match the universally renowned Swiss standard. Our dedicated experts and broad business network help us tailor each project to fit our client’s needs. The division also caters to quality audit services, strategic advisory, and execution of training and development programs.

  • Local know-hows with an international background
  • Links and collaborations with the world’s best in the industry
  • In-House Research and Development Team
  • 80+ years of combined experience
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Through our well established footprint and presence in the region, we facilitate market entry and growth for international enterprises. We expedite business development and sustainability by utilizing our local expertise and networks, extensive professional background, and fruitful partnerships with governmental and private sectors.

Methods of collaboration:

Joint Venture: Leveraging our GCC market presence and benefiting from our alliances with governmental sectors, SHC ventures with a foreign company where both parties mutually pool their resources for a new project or subsidiary.

Strategic Partnerships and Representation: An exclusive partnership with commercial enterprises to reaffirm the combined usage of resources, skills, services and/or products that will reach a broader audience through this successful collaboration.

Equity: Utilizing our experience of investing and working with multiple companies across a multitude of industries, SHC develops a trusting partnership with a foreign company to optimize stakeholder return and business growth.

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Deploying our exclusive network and reputation, in the field of hospitality and investments, our distinguished team secures potential acquisitions for globally unlisted opportunities.

  • Investor Representation
  • Access to regional and international funds
  • Direct Investment
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Salman Gasim


“My true investment is in my diligent and bright employees. What makes a brand successful are the people behind it. What we have in Swiss Hospitality Company are different roles not different values.”

Anas Alnadwi

Operations Manager

“Just a man with a mission, Head of Special Projects.”

Shahad Ashi

Marketing Specialist

“To achieve it, you have to believe it!”

Siraj Almoarawi

Entrepreneurhip Intern

“My goal is to not get fired”

Our International family, Our Team and Our Strength comes from across the world